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Aquarium Installation

We can install the natureWall luxury aquarium on any type of wall. Depending on wall type, we choose the appropriate number and distribution of wall plugs. You need not worry even when installing a natureWall aquarium in a drywall partition or a wood-frame structure. If you aren’t sure of the best place in your interior to put the aquarium, contact us for a precise visualization of the locations under consideration. Together, we will pick the best place for your natureWall.


Hinged Design

The water tank sits in an elegant frame that is simply hung on the wall like a living picture. To clean and maintain the aquarium, simply lower the hinged frame. Thanks to its space-saving design, you can install the aquarium even in smaller flats. Forget about old, ugly cabinets, and decorate your home with a timeless natureWall aquarium.


Maintenance-free System

The natureWall aquarium combines the modern technology of a unique double-chamber filtering solution with unique design. This greatly simplifies maintenance, making it a breeze even for first-timers. We also offer an exclusive maintenance kit that we’ve created based on our years of experience with aquarium care.


Surface Finish

The unique natureWall aquarium is a true gem among interior design accessories. You can select any frame colour you like, which we will customize to your specifications, including a high-gloss piano finish. Set yourself apart from the aquarium owner next door, and buy an aquarium that fits in perfectly with your interior.


Professional Service and Support

Care is an important aspect of owning a natureWall aquarium, as it is a living and constantly changing organism. In order to save you time in today’s busy world, we can provide you with professional monthly service. You will be able to watch your aquarium prosper beautifully without having to lift a finger. If you prefer to do your own maintenance, we guarantee the availability of regular annual service involving complete cleaning and addition of any needed fauna, and will give you a complete instruction manual and teach you specific procedures.


Automatic Feeding

The fish in your aquarium need to be fed regularly. Are you worried about who will feed them when you go on vacation? You needn’t be – natureWall aquariums have an automatic feeding feature with up to a four-week supply. After that, simply top it up, and you don’t need to do a thing. That is, unless you begin to enjoy watching your fish teem at the surface in anticipation of being fed


Automatic Lighting

A natureWall aquarium functions as a natural ecosystem that copies the solar cycle. Lighting is therefore switched on and off in a pre-set cycle. So that you can show off your aquarium even during the automatic off cycle, we provide remote-controlled LED lighting. If you return home from business trips at various times and would you like to conveniently turn on your aquarium and relax, this solution is for you. Plus you don’t have to remember to switch it off again... it will do so automatically.


Quality Craftsmanship

All glass is cut, ground, and glued exclusively by hand in our workshop. While in today’s world handcrafting and personal supervision doesn’t come cheap, a machine simply can’t replace personal experience and care.


Expert Installation

We will deliver your wall-mounted aquarium to your home, and install it in your chosen location. Our technicians will complete the installation within two hours. We take care of all preparations so you don’t need to do anything.


Customize Your Aquarium

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