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About us

The company "Revolutionary aquarium system" was formed as a union of people who have been in touch with aquaristics for many years. It was not a coincidence, but a coherent strategy how to show the beauty of aquaristics to the end customer ...  still  hidden to someone.

According to laws, our story can be  dated back to 1991, but it had started much earlier. Each colleague and employee has a different story that led him to this field. Someone already studied as a little boy  a fish atlas and after turning 18, he purposefully began to breed and sell fish. Another one has been fascinated with glass for 20 years. Specifically, with glass bonding and its technological progress. We therefore endeavour to utilise our knowledge and we desire to push aquaristic forward. We are not a large company.On the contrary,  we are proud that we keep our know-how among 10 employees, and as such we are truly personally responsible for our work.

We specialise in the complete realiation of  natural, marine and biotope aquariums of top quality. What we are really excellent at is the preparation and shaping of glass. Its individual sticking is done in our workshop entirely by hand. Manual labour and personal supervision of each piece is not commonplace today, but from our experience, we know that this is the best way to do a precise job. We are experts in freshwater and marine aquariums. Only thanks to that have our unique design aquariums, based on detailed observation of natural relations, been created.

We do what we enjoy and we want to do it well.

Květoslav Pavlica Production

Květoslav Pavlica

I started with aquaristics twenty years ago. I made aquariums for my friends in a small workshop. Nowadays we have a few employees who work on the complete shaping of glass.

Our products can be seen across Europe from France through Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavian countries and Slovakia. Our aquariums can be found in households also in Japan. I am proud of my work and what we have done.

Ing. Tomáš Macháček Business

Ing. Tomáš Macháček

Business in the aquarstic industry is not a coincidence. I already as a kid wanted my mom to examine me in Latin names of fishes from a fish atlas, which I had wished as a Christmas gift. After turning 18, I purposefully began tobreed and sell fish.

When I was twenty-five we already had our business that manufactured and assembled equipment for aquaristics. The aquarium is based on experience and I now offer you mine.

Roman Šišák Technical and construction solutions

Roman Šišák

I like to see a well job done. Each implementation of aquarium is a challenge for me in which I can apply my experience and ideas.

Ing. Oldřich Konečný Layout design

Ing. Oldřich Konečný

The aquarium has always been a part of the interior of our apartment. When I began studying the university and met a similar aquaristic enthusiast, nothing could stop our joint business. We first started selling aquarium technology.Then, we have become more specialized in the overall implementation of aquariums. Work has become a hobby for me.

In particular, I emphasize on the details and thus creating a unique natural scenery.

Michal Weigel Service

Michal Weigel

I joined the company only a year ago. During this time, I have become a big fan of aquariums. Now, I am responsible for a complete maintenance of residential aquariums.