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Don’t want to install your natureWall aquarium (which weighs 100 kg) on your wall yourself? No problem – we’ll do it for you. Don’t want to have to buy fish and plants for it? That’s fine – our fish have all undergone a thorough quarantine and are guaranteed!

Regular Maintenance

If you don’t want to maintain your aquarium, or don’t have the time, leave it to us. We will pay you’re a visit once a month and take care of everything. We place great value on a professional approach, and keep precise documentation on every aquarium. A service contract is also not a problem.

A visit by your service technician includes:

  • A visual check of the health and vitality of fish, plants, and the entire ecosystem
  • A water quality test (pH, total hardness and carbonate content, PO4-phosphates, NO3-nitrates, NO2-nitrites, Fe-iron) with a post-assessment (only if algae and cyanobacteria are present)
  • Adjustment of the aquarium interior
  • Cleaning of mechanical and biological filters
  • Recording of service activity and growth within the aquarium using our own custom SW application
  • Replacement (or regeneration) of absorption material
  • Pump check and adjustment (rotor cleaning)
  • CO2 unit check and adjustment
  • Water replacement
  • Topping-up of feed and fertilizer in the automatic feeding system
  • Glass and frame polishing (abrasive-free)
Price per service call: 40 €

This price includes all consumables.

Travel Surcharge

Distance Price
up to 20 km 14 €
up to 50 km 24 €
up to 100 km 48 €
up to 150 km 72 €
up to 200 km 96 €
up to 250 km 120 €
300 or more 144 €